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An online form to complete to request to alter the number of water units allocated to a property owner

Terms and conditions

Property owners with a restricted water supply may apply for a temporary or permanent change (increase, decrease or split) of total number of water units or for a removal of a restrictor (e.g. when replacing a tank).

  • Your current allocation appears on your rates information as a number of units - 1 water unit = 1,000 litres/24hrs
  • Authorisation to increase a total number of units is subject to water modelling that assesses what quantity of water is available in your area at the time of your application. Your request will be assessed by our Water Modelling Engineer within 8 working days.
  • There is a $100 fee per change to a restrictor to be paid by the applicant in full for work to be scheduled with our contractor SICON Ltd.
  • Development contribution fees may apply in relation to a permanent increase in units allocated (Refer to section 4 of our policy
  • Please note that a ‘Rural water charge' may apply for increasing units of water in some rural areas. To find out more about this charge and whether this would apply to your property, please send us an email to
  • Temporary increase of units (if available) will be charged based on a proportion of the rates for the period of time that the water is required for.
  • Change to restrictor(s), once assessed and scheduled by SICON Ltd will be completed within 10 working days.

Important: any additional units authorised over the design requirement for the property is given under the condition that these may be removed (with 24 hours' notice) if it is identified that the use of additional units has an unforeseen detrimental effect on the local water supply.

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