General information

Selwyn District Council support developers by sometimes allowing them to extract water from the Council water supply network at a ratio of one RPZ protected and metered connection per max. of 30 lots under one resource consent.

  • Applicants are required to seek other sustainable sources of water before submitting an application.
  • Applications must be submitted at least 8 working days prior extraction proposed start date.
  • Permit holders must abide by our terms and conditions at all times.

Please email us on if you wish to request more than four active temporary extraction points at a time.

Details of applicant
These permits are non-transferable and must be attached to one consent only.
Enter the owner's or nominated /authorised agent contact name
This address will be used to bill all water charges related to this permit
If different from billing address
This must be a valid mobile number
Important: this address will be used as the preferred method for all communication
Please inform the other sources of water you have investigated first
Extracting point details
Add the address or name of new development
Enter name of Site Manager
Enter a valid phone number
Please inform which stages of the subdivision are attached to this application
Extraction permits must be renewed every year
Please inform the estimate consumption in m3 per day per connection
Extraction points integrity will be regularly inspected by Council and extraction points must not be relocated
This must be a current certificate
Photograph(s) must show the water meter number(s) and start read numbers
Provide first water meter number in this field
Provide second water meter number in this field  - if applicable
Provide third water meter number in this field - if applicable
Provide fourth water meter number in this field - if applicable.
Applicant declaration
I have read the terms and conditions attached to Bulk Temporary Extraction Permits * Please tick the box to confirm
I understand the extent of my responsibility to securely manage authorised extraction point(s) * Please tick the box to confirm
I agree on the terms and conditions attached to those permits including: * Please tick boxes below to confirm your understanding of these terms
(Name of applicant)