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An online form to complete when requesting a new water connection

In most areas in Selwyn, only one domestic water connection is allowed per property title/ valuation number at all times. You will need to get approval from us for any new connection to the public network, by submitting your application using our online approval form below. Any work which involves connecting to the Council’s water main must be supervised by SICON Ltd.

Applying for a new water connection

  • Please check the water supply availability in your area as you may not be authorised to install a new connection to the public network.
  • When a new connection is approved, the property owner may contract the new connection work with the Council's maintenance contractor: CORDE (ph: 03 318 8320 email: or any qualified private contractor.
  • When applying for a new connection, you must declare that the work carried out by a private contractor (where applicable) will meet the Selwyn District Council’s Infrastructure design standards [PDF, 2078 KB]
  • You are required to submit your new connection technical information to us using our As- built form  [PDF, 149 KB] two workings days after completion at the most for us to be able to maintain the new vested asset.
  • Please submit your online application form to the Council at least 8 working days prior to commencement of connection work (10 working days for water main shut-down).
  • You should also check on whether your onsite activities require a backflow prevention device to be installed and on other authorisations you might need to apply for to complete your project.

  • Please fill in the form below and press the "Submit" button to send it to us.

    (if applicable)
    Please enter your full name
    This address will be used for all communication about this application
    Please add a valid number for our maintenance contractor to contact you
    Note that this address will be used by SICON Ltd to bill the supervision of approved work
    Add full address of the property the connection is for in the field below
    Please add the valuation number of the property if known
    Use drop-down menu below - This is a mandatory field
    This is required if this is a connection for a new development
    This can be a company name for a new development
    If different from the applicant's
    If different from the applicant's
    this is required to determine the level of backflow prevention required
    Enter DD/ MM/ YYYY in the field below if date is known
    Please let us know how many units you would like to request. Your request will be assessed by our engineer.
    number only
    number only
    Pressure testing complete? (if known)
    add company's name, if applicable
    Chlorination complete? * (if known)
    Please attach any supporting certificates here
    Use drop down menu below - The Council contractor CORDE will contact you to arrange for the supervision or the entire connection work to be carried out.
    If you prefer engaging a private contractor, you must declare that: Applicable to customers who are not engaging CORDE to complete the work
    If known
    Enter the applicant's name below