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We value public opinion and invite you to make submissions on the following 2 items:

Levi Park Smart Playground

The Council is continuously looking to new concepts or initiatives to ensure our playgrounds remain appealing and are engaging to the youth of Selwyn.

As part of our drive to provide quality local playgrounds, the Council gave permission for the Playground Centre to temporarily install interactive technology at a local playground in Rolleston’s Levi Park to see how the community adopts the new technology. The 90-day trial will test the uptake of the technology and if it proves to be popular, it could be added to other parks in the district, if there is support from residents to do so.

The trial has no cost to the Council and no commitment has been made to keep the technology beyond the trial.

Let us know what you think

Speed Limit Review

We are seeking community feedback on proposed speed limit changes, which would introduce lower speed limits on a number of roads across Selwyn district.

The speed limit changes are included in the Schedule to the Council’s Speed Limits Bylaw 2016. Under the bylaw, speed limits can be changed way of Council resolution.

These changes have been proposed following a review of speed limits across the district, and reflect the growth in population and traffic volumes many Selwyn townships. The roads reviewed included those requested by residents, local committees and councillors, as well as others identified by staff. Crash location data has also been used to help identify areas where changes may be needed.

Feedback is open until 5pm, Friday 27 October 2017.

Additionally, you may wish to check whether there are any of the following open for comment:

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