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Community Committees are publicly elected committees that look after Selwyn's townships, community centres, recreation reserves and swimming pools.  Some of Selwyn's community committees are incorporated societies (Ratepayers Associations) and will operate in accordance with their society's rules.

Community Committees contact details

These committees give residents a grass roots voice in determining the infrastructure and services required for their community.  The input of these committees is important in determining projects and their priority in the annual budget funding allocation.  Committees are expected to be pro-active in identifying issues and suggesting solutions.

Township Committees are also granted funding for discretionary projects, township beautification and administration.

Community Centre, Recreation Reserve and Swimming Pool Committees are charged with making recommendations for the maintenance of a ratepayer funded asset.  Our community committees look after townships, community centres, recreation reserves, swimming pools and water supplies.

Where the asset, e.g. hall, reserve or swimming pool, has its own rating base, the community committee is able to set its own budgets and employ staff.  Community committees act on behalf of the ratepayers of the area and are accountable to the Council and to the ratepayers for their expenditure and management of the asset.

The Council governance structure includes a number of management committees which have the responsibility for managing a local facility on behalf of a specific community and the Council. There are also township or community committees that advocate for their local communities to the Council on a variety of issues. Each type of committee is formed by an election process [PDF, 199 KB] on a three yearly or triennial basis.

Most committees meet monthly and members of the public are welcome to attend.  The first 15 minutes of each meeting is available as a public forum for members of the public to present their concerns.

The Council provides financial and project management and advice to these committees when this is needed.  Every Selwyn District Council community committee has a Councillor or Community Board member appointed to it to give assistance and advice and to report any issues to the Council or the Community Board for resolution, if required.

For information on community committees please e-mail