BobMy principal place of residence is in the Malvern Ward area.

Bob has owned property in Selwyn for about 40 years, the last 18 years living in Coalgate. Managed his own Joinery business for 35 years.

Member of the Malvern Community Board or Selwyn District Councillor for the last 12 years. Bob was involved with Glentunnel Hall, Darfield Medical Centre, Darfield St.John building, Westview Park and various other projects in Malvern.

Presently the deputy chair for St.John Malvern Area Committee.

The future Bob would like to see is upgrading of our rural roads, which take incredible demand from heavy trucks. A permanent rubbish recovery area in Malvern. The future of Selwyn is important to Bob but has concerns that Malvern in being left behind with water supplies, walk/cycleways and swimming complex. He would like the chance to work with the Hororata residents on the flooding issues and community centre.

Bob is friendly, approachable and ready to listen to your concerns.