My principal place of residence is in the Malvern Ward area.

59 years old

Married - 2 boys, 2.5 grandchildren

Farmer 24 yrs Sheffield

Community Involvement: Community Board 6 yrs, Kowai Pass Domain Board, Malvern/Canterbury A&P, Malvern/NZ Dog Trials.

The Malvern Community board supports local community committees to maintain their facilities and complete community projects with council funding(your rates). The board as a whole has supported the upgrading of water supplies, an increase and upgrade of public toilets and an increase in the number of rubbish and recycling bins Malvern wide just to name a few.

Projects I personally have been involved in include the saving and strengthening of the Sheffield Hall, upgrade of toilets Sheffield and Kowai Pass domains, new toilets Springfield township, cycling/walking track Springfield, upgrade Springfield water supply, bus shelter Springfield.

Wider issues such as stormwater, roading,sewerage and water races need addressing. As your councillor I will advocate on these issues putting Malvern First.