BillBill WOODS


My principal place of residence is in the Selwyn District Council area.

I am also standing for Malvern Ward and Tawera Subdivision of the Malvern Community Board.

For the last twenty years I have stood as an alternative to the present Council promoting Council decisions should benefit all residents. Listening and communication ensures decisions that benefit the most possible numbers. Unlike what is happening today where all the emphasis of Council focus is towards the more populous areas and ignoring the less populated parts of the District.

Although unsuccessful in being elected I have never abandoned Selwyn people in need, unlike some successful candidates and have continued to successfully fight injustices imposed by Selwyn Council.

I have a record second to none for pursuing the needs of anyone who has reached a point of despair due to elected representatives failing or not willing to help.

There is a great deal to do, I have successfully done it before, too many to mention here.

I pledge with your help, dedication to put right the injustices of Selwyn Council.