My principal place of residence is in the Selwyn Central Ward area.

I'm passionate about the people and communities of our Selwyn Central Ward and the Selwyn District.

My wife and I have lived in the area for 25 years, bringing up our son (20). In this time, I have been a member, volunteer, and supporter of our sports clubs and community groups.

As a current councillor I am a strong and experienced advocate for our communities. I have worked for improved public transport, footpaths, new and expanded schools, new community facilities, new sports grounds and reserves. There's more to do.

I believe in strong open honest communication between residents, communities and council.

I will continue to work hard for you and your community - not another employer, political party, or lobby group, representing you and your community's aspirations.

Our work together isn't finished. I have the knowledge, experience, energy, passion, enthusiasm and commitment to deliver for you!

Phone 027 2217348



My principal place of residence is in the Selwyn Central Ward area.

For 22 years I have enjoyed living in the Selwyn Central Ward with my wife Julie and family.

I'm now retired from the New Zealand Police. The last 4 years of my 38 year career were based at Selwyn.

I have served on the Selwyn Central Community Board and many local community groups.

It has been a privilege to have represented the Selwyn Central Ward for these last 9 years.

I have advocated on your behalf for better facilities, more schools, improved bus services, new parks and reserves, better roads and footpaths. I have pushed for better recognition for the arts, the preservation of our history and culture.

I am driven to achieve results.

I again ask for your vote so that I can represent you with dignity, honesty and as always with a common sense approach to resolving the issues and challenges that confront us.

Jeff Bland.

Michelle JONES


My principal place of residence is in the Selwyn Central Ward area.

I represent the young parents perspective in Selwyn Central. I work hard to raise four children, running my own business and volunteering to help make Selwyn a better place to raise a family.

My family have lived, worked, farmed, played and enjoyed the district for over 100 years and I'm proud to call it home.

As a councillor, I will advocate for and respect everyone in Selwyn and bring a strong family and community perspective to work together in guiding the district to an exciting future.

I believe there is more work to do on Community facilities, road crossings, footpaths and reserves. I would like to see more work done quicker to drainage problems we have in Rolleston and how we can bring a maintainable perspective to Council.

I'm putting my hand for the betterment of Selwyn and I will not take advantage of the child care subsidy.



My principal place of residence is in the Selwyn Central Ward area.

As a new resident of the Selwyn District, it is important to give back to this area and country that has welcomed me with open arms. I lived in this district in 2014 for a year and loved it. I always wanted to find a way to get back to here and early in 2019, I accomplished that. As a councillor, I would focus on promoting the benefits of living in this district; setting sustainable and measurable targets that Selwyn District can adhere to; participating in robust, honest and frank discussions about the future of Selwyn District; and contributing ideas to the best possible use of council funds given that rates are rising and ratepayers demand accountability. I proudly call Selwyn District home and would be honoured if you elected myself to provide a strong voice for the community.



My principal place of residence is in the Selwyn Central Ward area.

Like many others I am a recent addition to Selwyn, and it's where I intend to stay. I have worked in the small business and public sector both here and overseas, as well as volunteering and raising my three children, all of which has given me great appreciation for this beautiful corner of NZ.

I want to ensure that we strengthen our community groups, which do a fantastic job of supporting local families, sports, and more. I want to work with the Selwyn Youth Council on young people's needs, so that they will see this district as an ideal place to learn, work, and play.

I'm also keen to ensure that the Council's plan to minimise and manage our waste is put into practice, and that township developments deliver a well-rounded network of community facilities, commercial spaces, and transport options that reduce locals' need to travel long distances by car.

Calvin PAYNE



My principal place of residence is in the Selwyn Central Ward area.

I moved to New Zealand 12 years ago with my wife and three children. We have lived in and around Christchurch since then and were privileged to achieve citizenship 7 years ago. We have been living in Selwyn for the past 5 years and my family are all committed to the District and South Island. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to be involved in the future development of our Selwyn District.

If elected my main policy objectives will be:

  • Protect the Quality of our Water Supply
  • Develop Safer Rural Roads
  • Improve Recycling Capacity and Facilities
  • Increase Sustainable Food Production and Reduce Waste
  • Encourage the use of renewable Energy
  • Respect our Environment

I have worked in the construction industry for over 37 years and can bring my experience and knowledge to manage the new Selwyn facilities to successful operation. I have recently worked for Christchurch City Council monitoring Major Projects.

Nicole REID


My principal place of residence is in the Selwyn Central Ward area.

Selwyn Central's been my home for the last nine years. I love living here so stood for council in 2016, and was honoured to be elected. I am passionate about Selwyn District and truly want to see our district be the best place to live, work and enjoy; whatever your age or ability.

As a mother of three boys (9, 11, 13 years), I have been actively involved in the community: past Chairperson of Rolleston Residents Association, previous member of Rolleston School BoT, and was a scout leader.

I have a background in environmental engineering and planning so have taken a strong interest in water, waste and wastewater issues; Rolleston town centre development, indoor courts facility, and the district plan review as well. Road safety has been a strong focus of mine, being the committee chairperson. This work's ongoing so I ask for your continued support by re-electing me. Thanks.