Calvin PAYNE



My principal place of residence is in the Selwyn Central Ward area.

I moved to New Zealand 12 years ago with my wife and three children. We have lived in and around Christchurch since then and were privileged to achieve citizenship 7 years ago. We have been living in Selwyn for the past 5 years and my family are all committed to the District and South Island. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to be involved in the future development of our Selwyn District.

If elected my main policy objectives will be:

  • Protect the Quality of our Water Supply
  • Develop Safer Rural Roads
  • Improve Recycling Capacity and Facilities
  • Increase Sustainable Food Production and Reduce Waste
  • Encourage the use of renewable Energy
  • Respect our Environment

I have worked in the construction industry for over 37 years and can bring my experience and knowledge to manage the new Selwyn facilities to successful operation. I have recently worked for Christchurch City Council monitoring Major Projects.