My principal place of residence is in the Selwyn Central Ward area.

For 22 years I have enjoyed living in the Selwyn Central Ward with my wife Julie and family.

I'm now retired from the New Zealand Police. The last 4 years of my 38 year career were based at Selwyn.

I have served on the Selwyn Central Community Board and many local community groups.

It has been a privilege to have represented the Selwyn Central Ward for these last 9 years.

I have advocated on your behalf for better facilities, more schools, improved bus services, new parks and reserves, better roads and footpaths. I have pushed for better recognition for the arts, the preservation of our history and culture.

I am driven to achieve results.

I again ask for your vote so that I can represent you with dignity, honesty and as always with a common sense approach to resolving the issues and challenges that confront us.

Jeff Bland.