Michelle JONES


My principal place of residence is in the Selwyn Central Ward area.

I represent the young parents perspective in Selwyn Central. I work hard to raise four children, running my own business and volunteering to help make Selwyn a better place to raise a family.

My family have lived, worked, farmed, played and enjoyed the district for over 100 years and I'm proud to call it home.

As a councillor, I will advocate for and respect everyone in Selwyn and bring a strong family and community perspective to work together in guiding the district to an exciting future.

I believe there is more work to do on Community facilities, road crossings, footpaths and reserves. I would like to see more work done quicker to drainage problems we have in Rolleston and how we can bring a maintainable perspective to Council.

I'm putting my hand for the betterment of Selwyn and I will not take advantage of the child care subsidy.