My principal place of residence is in the Selwyn Central Ward area.

Like many others I am a recent addition to Selwyn, and it's where I intend to stay. I have worked in the small business and public sector both here and overseas, as well as volunteering and raising my three children, all of which has given me great appreciation for this beautiful corner of NZ.

I want to ensure that we strengthen our community groups, which do a fantastic job of supporting local families, sports, and more. I want to work with the Selwyn Youth Council on young people's needs, so that they will see this district as an ideal place to learn, work, and play.

I'm also keen to ensure that the Council's plan to minimise and manage our waste is put into practice, and that township developments deliver a well-rounded network of community facilities, commercial spaces, and transport options that reduce locals' need to travel long distances by car.