My principal place of residence is in the Springs Ward area.

I have been privileged to represent you for the past 2 terms of Council. I have focused on representing not only your local interests but also the wider interests of the Selwyn District.

Selwyn and Springs Ward have grown significantly since the earthquakes. I have advocated for and delivered community infrastructure to support this growth.

One of my passions has been advocating for and planning the Selwyn Health Hub.

Rating levels and rates affordability are a key consideration.

In my view a reliance on rating as the sole source of funding for Selwyn District is ultimately unsustainable. I have been part of a committed effort within Selwyn District Council to develop alternative income streams to assist in minimising rate rises both now and into the future.

I am committed to seeing both the Springs Ward and Selwyn District grow and prosper in a sustainable way.

Thank you.
Grant Miller.