Malcolm LYALL


My principal place of residence is in the Springs Ward area. I am also standing for Canterbury District Health Board.

I am seeking re election as I would like to continue to represent the people of Springs Ward. I am passionate about preserving the best that this area offers, while embracing the opportunities created by growth.

Over the past three years as Deputy Mayor I have worked hard to secure funding for local roading upgrades and township and community projects (including a new community hall/centre for Prebbleton, new recreational space for this ward, the Lincoln Town center master plan)

I would like to see the township and community projects through to completion.

The local roading upgrades are under threat due to changes in central govenment policy. I want to ensure that the roading upgrades are funded as agreed and completed, as they are desperately needed.

If re-elected I will continue to be a strong voice who has effectively advocated for the people of Springs Ward.