Enrolling to vote

To vote in a local authority election, you need to be enrolled on either the residential or ratepayer electoral roll. The next elections will be held in 2022.

Residential electoral roll

To vote at the elections, make sure you are on the parliamentary electoral roll. You are eligible to enrol on the residential roll if you:

  • are 18 years or older; and
  • are a New Zealand Citizen or permanent resident; and
  • have lived in New Zealand continuously, at any time, for one year or more; and
  • have lived at your current address for more than one month

If you are already enrolled as a parliamentary elector you will automatically be placed on the Council’s electoral roll as a residential elector for local body elections.

If you need to enrol or update your current name or address details on the parliamentary electoral roll, you can do so by:

Ratepayer roll

If you own property within the Selwyn district, but usually live outside this area, you can apply to go on the ratepayer roll. You can then vote in the area where you pay rates, and the area where you live.

To apply, complete and sign the Ratepayer Enrolment Form and return to the electoral officer for the local council area where you pay rates but do not live.