In Selwyn district the following roles are being elected in the 2022 elections:

  • The mayor (elected ‘at large’ – across the entire district)
  • 10 councillors across four wards
  • Five community board members in the Malvern Ward, elected across three subdivisions. (Note: no election is required in the Hawkins and West Melton subdivisions, as the number of candidates nominated matched the number of vacancies.

Note: no election is required in the Hawkins and West Melton subdivisions of the Malvern Community Board, as the number of candidates nominated matched the number of vacancies.

For more information on Selwyn district wards and boundaries check our Selwyn wards maps page. Use the interactive map to check which ward you’re in.


Here are the details for all confirmed candidates, including contact details which are provided by the candidates.

Click on the candidate name to see their photo and profile statement.


Sam Broughton [PDF, 185 KB]

027 518 5298

Calvin Payne (Know Payne-Know Gain) [PDF, 159 KB]

021 024 04869

Bill Woods [PDF, 161 KB]

027 608 2030


Andrea Clemens [PDF, 119 KB] (Independent)


Jenny Gallagher [PDF, 144 KB]

027 497 0120

Lydia Gliddon [PDF, 141 KB] (Independent)

027 725 4152

Bob Mugford [PDF, 165 KB] (Independent)

021 119 8286

Samantha Samuel [PDF, 183 KB]

021 400 752

Samuel Wilshire [PDF, 160 KB]

021 172 4792


Phil Dean [PDF, 181 KB]

027 539 8111

Sophie McInnes [PDF, 157 KB]

021 552 877

Calvin Payne [PDF, 159 KB] (Know Payne-Know Gain)

021 024 04869

Moneel Pratap [PDF, 153 KB] (Your life is my life - Independent)

020 466 6335

Nicole Reid [PDF, 164 KB]

021 207 1918

Mel Stenhouse [PDF, 187 KB] (Independent)

027 214 0761


Elle Archer [PDF, 127 KB] (Independent)

027 410 1007

Shane Ngapou O Te Hahi Epiha [PDF, 171 KB] (Independent)

027 661 8026

Elizabeth Mundt [PDF, 154 KB] (Independent)

027 307 0767


Dave Colloty [PDF, 161 KB] (Independent)


Debra Hasson [PDF, 158 KB] (Independent)


Malcolm Lyall [PDF, 190 KB]

027 433 9964

Grant Miller [PDF, 156 KB]

027 381 7032



Sean Ellis [PDF, 182 KB]


021 086 91964

Vicky Frost [PDF, 176 KB]

027 530 5296

Bill Woods [PDF, 161 KB]

027 608 2030

Hawkins Subdivision (No election required)

Ken May [PDF, 156 KB]

021 453 459

Sharn Nu'u [PDF, 152 KB]

021 174 7251

West Melton Subdivision (No election required)

Calvin Payne (Know Payne-Know Gain) [PDF, 159 KB]

021 024 04869

Bruce Russell [PDF, 178 KB]

027 436 1727

Other information

We encourage voters to find additional information on candidates by searching in news media and social media. Stuff has published this guide to Selwyn candidates.

Many candidates have also contributed information to the independent site


Download the full list of candidates and contact details

Download the full Information and Candidate Profiles booklet.

Final nominations including details of nominators can be viewed here.

Candidate public meetings

Public ‘Meet the Candidate’ meetings are expected to be held across the district during the election period. These meetings are not organised by the Council – they are generally arranged by local community or residents’ groups. We encourage you to check local media and social media for information on public meetings; you can also contact candidates directly.

Anyone organising public meetings, which are open to all candidates in a local ward or subdivision, can forward event details to and we will list these on this page and in Council Call (information should be received one week prior).

Public meetings:

  • Rolleston Ward:  Wednesday 7 September 7.30pm, Rolleston Community Centre
  • Malvern Ward: Wednesday 14 September 7.30pm, Darfield Recreation Centre
  • Malvern Ward: Wednesday 21 September 7.30pm, West Melton Community Centre