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Council Policies Manual

The Policy Manual [PDF, 3199 KB] is a document set by Council under which staff operate.

The Policy Manual is a living document with any new policies adopted by the Council added.  The Council has resolved to do a complete review of the manual after each triennial election.

The Policy Manual covers policies relating to the following activities and responsibilities of the council: dogs, archives, records, advertising, bridges building, cemeteries, community awards, funding, consultation, council activities, community, planning, design, engineering, Environment Court, finance, graffiti, housing, insurances, land bank, leasing, libraries, liquor licensing, Long Term Council Community Plan, property numbering, road names, private rights of ways, plantations , public facilities, rating, remuneration, reserves, roads.

Development Contributions Policy

Schedule of Development Contributions [PDF, 15 KB] from 1 July 2022. The Selwyn District Council Development Contributions Policy [PDF, 4710 KB] enables us to recover from those persons undertaking development a fair, equitable, and proportionate portion of the total cost of capital expenditure necessary to service growth over the long term. The policy was adopted by the Council on 23 June 2021.

Significance and Engagement Policy

The Significance and Engagement Policy [PDF, 382 KB] provides important guidance for the Council, and for the Selwyn community, on the Council’s approach to consultation and decision-making on significant matters, including when and how it will engage with the community in decision-making.

This includes providing clarity about how and when communities can expect to be engaged in decisions about different issues, assets or other matters.

All councils are required by the Local Government Act 2002 (the Act) to adopt a Significance and Engagement Policy. Selwyn District Council adopted its first Significance and Engagement Policy in 2015. The current policy was adopted on 23 June 2021, following public consultation as part of the Long-Term Plan 2021-2031.

The two main components of the Significance and Engagement Policy are:

  1. The Council’s approach to determining significance, including what criteria it uses for determining significance;
  2. The processes and methods the Council uses for engagement with the community on significant decisions.

The Significance and Engagement Policy also list the assets considered by the local authority to be strategic assets.