Architect's Render of the Re-use Shop concept

The reuse shop will be a comfortable, attractive and inviting space, displaying and selling a wide variety of items.

The intention is to receive reusable items from the public and businesses, dropped off beneath the recycling canopy. These would then be cleaned, checked and priced before being placed in the reuse shop.

Items we expect to have include:

  • Housewares
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Sports equipment
  • Books/magazines
  • Clothes

Other ideas we currently have for the reuse shop include:

  • Selling items made within the micro-enterprise units:
    • Items made from fabrics and textiles – such as canvas bags, bees wax wraps
    • Furniture made from recovered timber and pallets
    • Art from waste materials
  • Selling produce and seedlings grown in the garden hub
  • Partnering with the Pathways Trust or similar to sell bicycles and lawnmowers refurbished by prisoners learning repair and maintenance skillsDecorative photo
  • Partnering with community organisations to ‘sell on behalf’
    • Items that are made from recycled or repurposed wastes, or
    • Items that help minimise waste
  • Selling new items that help with living a low waste / sustainable lifestyle
  • Refillery – e.g. ecostore
  • A small café area – grab a decent coffee while browsing the shop, salvage yard, micro-enterprise units and education centre.