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Why Selwyn is a great choice for your event…

Selwyn is a great place for events. They attract visitors from neighbouring districts and from throughout NZ. Events help us to tell our stories, give us a sense of belonging and place, strengthen our identity and provide opportunities for fun and entertainment.

Aligning with its vision for highly innovative delivery of services that make people’s lives better, Selwyn District Council has developed a Selwyn Strategic Events Plan. This is a blueprint to guide Council’s support, facilitation and enablement of events for the future. It includes considerations and direction for Councils aspirations for major events in the District and acknowledges the strong contribution events make in attracting visitors and enhancing visitor experience.

With the median age 37.6 years, Selwyn has a young population compared to the rest of New Zealand. Our communities are active and like to participate, especially in events. If you are thinking of bringing an event to Selwyn and want to know more about Selwyn or how Selwyn District Council can assist you, please get in touch via

How to make your event happen in Selwyn…

You will need to apply to the Selwyn District Council for an Event Permit if you are planning to hold an event in a public place, such as reserves or parks, and in some instances, private property. This ensures your event has first priority when using the area and that your activity is conducted in accordance with all current bylaws. It also ensures that any disruption to the community or environment is minimal and that the safety of all attendees is appropriately managed. Visit the Apply for an Event Permit page to view the requirements. For more resources to help with planning your event, visit the Event Resources page.

If you are planning an event we have a fantastic resource available for you to download.  The Event Planning Guide has checklists, templates, forms and guides for every aspect of your event, large or small.

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Download Health and Safety Plan Template [DOCX, 82 KB]

Download the Event Planning Guide [PDF, 8019 KB]

Download the Selwyn Strategic Events Plan [PDF, 474 KB]

View more information on Minimising Waste at Events