The below resources and links can help with planning your event in Selwyn. For more information please contact


If in a public place, a Special Licence is required if alcohol is to be sold or served at an event. Applications must be lodged a minimum of 21 working days before an event.
More information can be found here.

Barbecues and Hangi

Only gas barbecues are permitted within all Selwyn District Council Parks/Reserves except where no personal barbeques are permitted.


Selwyn District Council has bylaws and policies in place that events must comply with. A full list of bylaws can be found here.


No confetti or rice is to be thrown within any Council Park or Reserve, however rose petals are permitted.

Council indemnity and cancellation

The event organisers shall absolve the Council from all liability relating to the event if any unforeseen circumstances arise after the event has been approved.
Dangerous Goods
Whatever the circumstances of use, if you have more than 300kg of LPG stored on a public space, you will need to contact the Selwyn District Council Planning Department to determine if a resource consent is required for the storage and use of LPG at your event. Contact the Planning Department here.
Use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) also known as drones, quadcopters, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), on Council reserves is controlled under the Selwyn District Council Parks and Reserves Bylaw. You will need to apply for permission to operate RPAS on Council reserves here.
If using Fireworks, a site plan outlining the proposed area and a detailed list of all fireworks to be used must be provided in the event application.
The HSNO Test certificate for the Pyro Display should be submitted with the event application.
FENZ approval must also be obtained.
When the above requirements have been met, the completed application form to WorkSafe NZ.
Food Stalls
Anyone selling food at your event is subject to the Food Act 2014. Vendors selling food at your event may or may not be required to register under the Act. Registration is not required if a charity, cultural or community group is selling food less than 20 times per year to raise funds, if they are a sports or social club or marae where food is not the purpose of the event, or if they are selling food once in a calendar year at an event such as a local fair. Please contact an Environmental Services Officer for more information here or visit the website.
Marquees/Tents and other temporary structures
Small structures may be permitted in some park locations, subject to prior Council approval.
Marquees/tents that are 100m² or larger and Portacoms may require an exemption from building consent.
Stage structures over 1m in height may require a resource consent.
Noise Conditions 
Amplified sound at an event may require resource consent.
Permitted sound levels include:
Living Zone:
  • 7.30am – 8.00pm 50 dBA L10
  • 8.00pm – 7.30am 35 dBA L10
  • 7.30am – 8.00pm 85 dBA Lmax
  • 8.00pm – 7.30am 70 dBA Lmax
The displaying of signage is NOT permitted on telegraph poles or within 50 metres of a controlled intersection, e.g. traffic lights and roundabouts.
Please contact the Council Customer Call Centre on 347 2800 for more information on what is allowed.
Selwyn District Council is committed to a Smokefree Aotearoa by 2025. Event organisers are encouraged to promote Smokefree events at Council venues and reserves.

Traffic Management

A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) will be required if your event is going to affect the flow and safety of traffic. This includes footpaths.

Waste Management 
Selwyn District Council has FREE Event Bin hire. To book, please contact the Waste Management team.