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Resource Consents during Alert Levels 2 and 1

Resource consent processing

With the move to Alert Level 2, all resource consent processes will be provided as normal, with appropriate health and safety protocols in place where necessary. Some of our team will be working from the office and others will continue to work from home.  For enquiries about resource consents in process please contact the Consent Planner handling your application or the Resource Consents Team Leader. Planners may not be contactable by phone so please email in the first instance.

We are aware that many applicants for resource consents will have been affected by the response to Covid-19 and so we remain committed to processing resource consents as efficiently as we can to support businesses and individuals after the lockdown period.

Notified applications

Our Notified applications page on Council’s website will also have up to date information.


At Levels 2 and 1, we will be able to hold hearings in person, with appropriate health and safety protocols including physical distancing in place.

There will also be the ability to participate in hearings online using a video-conferencing platform called Zoom, with livestreaming to the Council’s website in certain circumstances. More details about this will be made available closer to the time of the hearing you are involved in.

Site visits

We are able to conduct site visits at Levels 2 and 1 with appropriate health and safety protocols including physical distancing in place.

Pre-application advice

At Levels 2 and 1 our duty planner service will be back to normal, with enquiries able to be received via phone, email or in person at the Rolleston Headquarters Customer Services Centre.

Although we can receive in-person enquiries at Alert Level 2, these will be through a Perspex screen at the front counter and we may not be able to share our computer screen or a hardcopy plan with you to help answer your query in the way we usually would.  Before coming in to the Council, consider whether one of these options would work for you:

  • Making an appointment for a meeting via Zoom with the duty planner – this we can share our screen with you to help answer your questions.
  • Taking a photo of a plan or your site to help explain your query and emailing it to – the duty planner will then be able to respond via email or phoning you to discuss further.

Monitoring of resource consents

Monitoring of resource consents is carried out by the Council’s Compliance Officers. This is separate from any monitoring or inspections related to a building consent.

During the current Covid-19 restrictions our Compliance Officers may contact you by telephone or email and ask you to provide written, photographic or video evidence of compliance. If necessary they can arrange for a video link/zoom meeting to make some assessments remotely. Officers can follow up with a physical inspection site if required, to confirm the information that has been provided.

On occasions it may be necessary for our Officers to conduct a physical site inspection to determine compliance during level 2.  We will endeavour to do this with minimal interaction and observing safety and social distance practices.

General Information

Resource Consent Search

Online search of Resource Consent applications lodged with us. The search is by Resource Consent number. You can view the current status of your consent.

Resource Management Act Reforms 2017

The Resource Legislation Amendment Act 2017 (RLAA) represents the Government’s second phase of reform of the Resource Management Act (RMA). It contains close to 40 amendments and makes significant changes to five different Acts. This is the most comprehensive package of reforms to the RMA since its inception 26 years ago. Among other things the  changes relate to plan change processes, Resource consent exemptions and fast track processes,  notification considerations, fees and charges, see about the Resource Legislation Amendment Act 2017 for more information.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, or require a pre-application meeting, please contact the Duty Planner on Ph (03) 347-2868 or email