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Our current Selwyn District Plan was made fully operative on 3 May 2016. You can find the Selwyn District Plan online, open link in either Chrome, Edge or Firefox browser.

The ePlan makes it easy to look up the zoning of your property and the rules that apply, such as the distance from your garage to the property boundary, fencing rules, and what activities are permitted on your property.

To use the district plan online, type in your property address. To view the applicable District Plan rules once your property appears, click on Property Specific District Plan Chapters link. You can also search for specific provisions by using the 'Search for words/provisions' bar at the top in the ePlan.

The online format plan replaces the hard copy of the Selwyn District Plan. The paper version of the District Plan was around 1,500 pages in total. The electronic version of the plan makes it easier to find sections applicable to different properties and includes hyperlinks so people can easily refer to other sections referenced in the District Plan.

If you need help to use the ePlan, have a question that isn't answered in the plan or can't find what you are looking for, please contact us.

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