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The Rolleston Town Centre is a long-term project to develop a community and commercial heart for Rolleston to support the town's rapid growth.

The town centre between Tennyson Street, Moore Street and Rolleston Drive on the former Rolleston Reserve is being built by the Council and commercial developer Tennyson 21.

Community spaces already open in the town centre include:

Te Ara Ātea and tamariki zone. The anchor building of the town centre Te Ara Ātea houses a library, meetings rooms, workshops, art spaces, heritage and museum displays and taonga of the district. It's name gifted by Te Taumutu Rūnanga means journey to the world and beyond, reflecting the journeys of mana whenua and later settlers across Waitaha Canterbury Plains and the journeys to come for those who use the building.

A youth space designed together with the Selwyn Youth Council and local schools, the youth space features skate areas, netball and basketball half courts, a gaga ball pit, eagle claw swing, and hang out areas.

The sensory space designed for all residents regardless of physical ability or neurodiversity. The area has been designed with support from students and staff at Waitaha School and featuring art work from nine Selwyn schools, along with local mosaic artists. It is will be surrounded by raised gardens and trees with areas designed to cater to each of the senses – sight, touch, sound, smell and taste  – including a water feature, musical elements, log seats and a frame over the central path with space to hang art features.

The choice of plants and their layout have been carefully selected to appeal to the senses through colour, touch, movement and some edible plants for taste. While each tree, rock, seat, wall and path has also been designed and placed to appeal to different senses. Many have been placed to give different sensations as the weather and seasons change.

a low angle image of Te Ara Ātea from the corner of the tamariki zoneA skateboarder in mid air above a skate bowl with a small crowd watchinga fence and open gate with the sensory experience behind, looking towards colourful paths and poles

Areas that are still under construction or yet to be built include a town square, amphitheatre and upgrades to the remaining reserve space to provide an addtional outdoor relaxation and recreation space.

The commercial spaces of Rolleston Fields, developed by Tennyson 21, are expected to include eateries, health and wellness and entertainment spaces.