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What Bylaws are, why we have them, and which Bylaws the Selwyn District Council currently operates.
A bylaw is a rule or regulation, made by a local Council, which:
  • Affects the public,
  • orders something to be done, or something not to be done and
  • is accompanied by some form of penalty for failing to comply.

Bylaws enable local authorities to develop laws that:

  • are relevant to the local community and
  • are technically suited to local conditions.

 A local authority can only make a bylaw if it has been empowered by an act of Parliament to do so. Most bylaws are made under the Local Government Act 2002; however, some bylaws are made under a combination of the Local Government Act and other acts.  Bylaws should only be made to cover significant issues. 

Current Bylaws
Bylaws Under Review
Archived Bylaws

For further information please contact our Bylaw Analyst at, or phone the Council.