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As a building consent authority Selwyn District Council is responsible for processing building consent applications within Selwyn district.

In this section of our website you can find out all the relevant information on what is involved in getting a building consent.

Building consent processing update

- last updated June 2022

Substituting Gib or using USG Boral for your internal lining?

Find out what’s required – see our information on using USG Boral/Knauf plasterboard as an internal lining.

Customer promise

We are committed to delivering high quality, professional regulatory building control and associated services to customers through:

  • the provision of high quality and consistent customer service
  • ensuring new and altered buildings in the Selwyn District are of a high standards through compliance with the Building Act 2004 and building code
  • striving for continuous improvement in systems and procedures.

Our aim is to:

  • make the process of applying for, and obtaining, an approved building consent as simple and as easy as possible
  • not compromise technical accuracy
  • determine all applications within statutory timeframes.

Tips for your build

  • We cannot do design work for you but we can advise on how to go about organising building and resource consent applications
  • Doing your research early can save time and money later, by identifying the need for specific design or other technical reports
  • Don't take the risk of building without first getting a building consent – that is illegal and may result in enforcement action
  • Complete any remedial work advised by an inspector before you proceed to the next stage of work - otherwise you could be liable for enforcement action
  • Skipping inspections can be costly – missed inspections or work covered up prematurely could mean that you will have to undo work to enable building work to be inspected before we can issue a code compliance certificate for the completed construction.


Use information on our website as a starting point.

If you need further help get in touch with us:

  • Online form – for feedback, compliments or complaints
  • Email –
  • In person – Selwyn District Council headquarters, 2 Norman Kirk Drive, Rolleston
  • Phone – 0800 SELWYN (735 996)

Council’s customer services team will assist, or put your through to the building team for further help.

If your enquiry relates to a building consent you can ask to be put through to:

  • a Building Advisor if it is to do with vetting or a general enquiry
  • the relevant Building Surveyor if your consent is being processed or you need clarification on an inspection notice.

If you need to escalate your enquiry or concern:

  • ask the Building Advisor or Surveyor to put you through to the Senior Building Advisor or Surveyor first,
  • or if you need to take it further, your next point of contact is our Team Leaders.

To see who our Senior Building Advisor or Surveyors and Team Leaders are meet our team.