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Customer promise

We are committed to delivering high quality, professional regulatory building control and associated services to customers through:

  • The provision of high quality and consistent customer service
  • Ensuring new and altered buildings in the Selwyn District are of a high standard through compliance with the Building Act 2004 and building code
  • Striving for continuous improvement in systems and procedures

Our aim is to make the process of applying for, and obtaining an approved building consent as simple and as easy as possible, without compromising technical accuracy and determining all applications within statutory timeframes.

Tips for your build

  • We cannot do design work for you but we can advise on how to go about organising building and resource consent applications.
  • Doing your research early can save time and money later, by identifying the need for specific design or other technical reports.
  • Don't take the risk of building without first getting a building consent. That is illegal and may result in enforcement action being taken.
  • Complete any remedial work advised by an inspector before you proceed to the next stage of work, otherwise you could be liable for enforcement action.
  • Skipping inspections can be a costly oversight. Missed inspections or work covered up prematurely could mean that you will have to undo work to enable building work to be inspected before we can issue a Code Compliance Certificate for the completed construction.

Contacting us

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Your feedback is important, providing us with the opportunity to give recognition where exceptional service has been provided and identify where we may be able to improve our performance.

Our Building Advisory team is your first port of call and can be contacted as follows:

  • Online form – for complaints, compliments or feedback please complete our online form
  • Email –
  • In person – Environmental Services counter at Selwyn District Council headquarters, 2 Norman Kirk Drive, Rolleston
  • Phone – 347 2839 (or Darfield exchange free-phone Helpline – 318 8338 and ask for the Building Department)


For any questions relating to building start with our information on this website. If you have further queries or need information relating to a specific build or building consent contact our Building Advisory team.

Feedback and compliments

We appreciate hearing about the good things that we do – so please feel free to share your feedback and compliments or any suggestions with us by completing our online form.

Raising concerns with our service and complaints

As a building consent authority (BCA) we take all complaints seriously. Complaints can be related to either BCA activities or territorial authority functions. All complaints are recorded and actioned promptly.

Step by Step Guide to Complaints

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  • Discuss Concerns
  • Contact the staff member you have been dealing with in the first instance, who will attempt to resolve the matter straight away

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  • Lodge complaint form
  • Lodge a complaint if no resolution achieved or you still wish to make a complaint

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  • Notification of complaint
  • Within 5 working days of receiving your complaint we will contact you and advise who will be dealing with it and the expected timeframe

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  • Investigation
  • Investigation conducted (you may be contacted during the investigation if further details are required)

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  • Notification of outcome
  • Outcome communicated within 20 working days

Making a complaint

To make a complaint please complete our online form. Alternatively you can contact us via one of the above listed methods. The information we require is:

  • Date incident occurred
  • Nature of complaint (vetting, lodgement, inspection, notice to fix, code compliance certificate or compliance schedule)
  • Copies of any supporting information (if applicable)
  • Name and contact details – to enable us to respond to you (your details will be kept confidential)

We work with you to ensure your complaint is heard in the medium that best suits you. When you complete the online form please be sure to tell us your preferred method of communication.

Resolving your complaint

Your complaint will be responded to within 5 working days of receipt of your complaint, where you may be asked for further information to allow us to investigate your complaint through a fair review process. We will keep you informed of progress during any investigations as required.

Our aim is to resolve complaints within 20 working days. Please be assured your complaint will be handled by our team with sensitivity and impartiality and by someone that has the authority to resolve the matter. There may be situations where your complaint needs to be directed elsewhere, in which case we will let you know and point you in the right direction.

Complaints are handled at no charge to the complainant. If required our staff can assist you in making a complaint using translation and interpreting services.

Appealing the outcome

If you are unhappy or choose to use an alternative route to settle a matter of doubt or dispute you may apply to the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment for a Determination.

If you are still unhappy with the outcome of your complaint, you have a right to appeal and request a review of the decision. All appeals must be made in writing setting out the reasons why you disagree with the decision.

Other avenues for formal complaints

Licenced Building Practitioners (LBPs)

The Building Practitioners Board (the Board) is an important part of the Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) scheme.  Anyone can complain to the Board about the conduct of an LBP, as long as the person complained about was licensed at the time the conduct occurred.

To be able to make a complaint about an LBP you need to ensure that:

  1. The person you are complaining about was an LBP when the conduct occurred
  2. The conduct you are complaining about should come within one or more of the ‘grounds for discipline’ listed in section 317 of the Building Act 2004
  3. You can provide sufficient evidence to support your complaint
  4. Your complaint is made on the approved form

The Board cannot hear complaints regarding payment disputes; commercial or contractual disputes including employment disputes.

The complaint process and forms:

If the trade person is not LBP registered , and the work involved is restricted building work, a complaint can be made to the Occupational Licensing Team (OLT) at the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment.

Other trades  

For plumbing, gas fitting, drain laying, electrical, engineering and architectural work there are respective registration bodies who can deal with any issues or complaints as follows:

Alternative resolution options

There are various options available to you should any issues arise with your build. First and foremost, often the most successful way is to resolve it yourself through communicating with the people involved.

A good place to check your rights is to check the details of your contract – which should have clauses covering problem resolution process. There are also a number of consumer protection measures available through the Building Act, Construction Contracts Act, Consumer Guarantees Act and Fair Trading Act.

Another course of action is using third parties to help resolve issues, through mediation, arbitration and adjudication. This could include taking a dispute through the Disputes Tribunal or courts.