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The Council's function is to ensure that all buildings constructed within the Selwyn District are safe, sanitary and fit for their purpose. To achieve this we administer the Building Act 2004 and the Resource Management Act 1991, and ensure that buildings are constructed to meet the minimum requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. We cannot do design work for you but we can advise on how to go about organising building and resource consent applications.

Doing your research early can save time and money later, by identifying the need for specific design or other technical reports.


Make sure that you provide all of the information we need when submitting your application, including clear accurate drawings and specifications. This will ensure faster, more efficient processing of your application. Our consent charges are based on the actual amount of time it takes us to do the job so delays and repeated information requests from us will end up costing you more. Having a complete set of detailed drawings also helps trades people when giving quotes for materials and labour.

You can apply for a Building Consent using the downloadable application forms or through our AlphaOne online consent system.

The Council cannot offer a supervision service. It is up to the applicant or their appointed agent to supervise the day to day construction. Your Building Consent will list the specific inspections that need to be carried out. You must give us at least one clear working day's notice before each inspection and ensure building work is ready for inspection to avoid the need for costly reinspections. Inspections will only be carried out if the stamped Council approved documents are present on site at the time of inspection.

Do's and Don'ts
Don't take the risk of building without first getting a building consent. That is illegal and forces us to take enforcement action.

Don't proceed to the next stage of work without completing any remedial work advised by an inspector or you could be liable for enforcement action.

Don't skip inspections. This can be a costly oversight. Missed inspections or work covered up prematurely could mean that you will have to undo work before we can issue a Code Compliance Certificate for the completed construction.