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Below is a list of useful information we have sent out to our mailing list in the past 12 months:

  • September 2022 newsletter

What's happening out in the market right now, prepare for change to H1 requirements, keeping your home safe against wildfire, update on our workload, meet our new recruits, and new medium density rule considerations for building [PDF, 194 KB]

  • July 2022 newsletter

Revision of our recent communication of NZBC E3 internal moisture, post line audits, parking in Selwyn, building consent application documentation, RT information required, and update on our workload [PDF, 209 KB]

  • March 2022 newsletter

Update on our workload, discretionary exemptions, clarifications for applications (F5 site fencing and wet area flooring), and issues with residential hold-down systems [PDF, 149 KB]

  • February 2022 newsletter

Building consent timeframes, customer satisfaction survey, minor variations & amendments, responding to RFIs, clarification on swimming pool barriers, property flooding potential, tiny home guidance and building for climate change [PDF, 190 KB]

  • November 2021 newsletter

Holiday season closedown & last inspection day for 2021, current workload status, quality of application, contacting us, BCA Accreditation, swimming pool barriers, and Building Code updates [PDF, 239 KB]

Useful information older than 12 months: