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The Council consists of 12 elected representatives – a mayor and 11 councillors - who are voted in by residents and ratepayers every three years.  The elected representatives are drawn from four wards: Malvern (main town Darfield); Selwyn Central (main town, Rolleston); Springs (main town, Lincoln); and Ellesmere (main town, Leeston).

Remuneration of elected members is set by the Remuneration Authority.

Elections are held every three years (next election October 2019) for the following:

(a) Mayor

(b) Eleven (11) councillors, as follows:

  • Ellesmere Ward: two (2) councillors
  • Malvern Ward: two (2) councillors
  • Selwyn Central Wards: four (4) councillors
  • Springs Ward: three (3) councillors

(c) Five (5) members of the Malvern Community Board, as follows:

  • Three (3) members by the electors of the Hawkins subdivision
  • Two (2) members by the electors of the Tawera subdivision

Previous Election Results:

2016 - 2013 - 2010 - 2007


Selwyn district is broken into four wards for election purposes.  The four wards are:

You can also enter your details to find out what ward you are in, on the Electoral Commission's enrol page.

Further information:

Email or phone the council.