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Any properties available for rent or land for lease will be advertised in the Council Call section of the local papers.

Council own an array of properties within the Selwyn District which includes residential dwellings and land (including gravel reserves and forestry blocks).

Land is leased out in accordance with Council Leasing Policies in the Policy Manual.

A small number of houses are owned by Council and rented out in accordance with Council Leasing Policies in the Policy Manual.

From time to time some of these properties may be declared surplus to requirements and go through a complex statutory disposal process and be sold.

Properties available for lease may be advertised in the Council Call or Public Notices section of the local papers.

Land for Lease


Tender is sought for a Licence to Occupy the below land for a term of five Years from the commencement date.The land is approximately 3.2 hectares and situated at 2540 Bealey Road, Hororata (previously known as the Hororata Depot) . Tender is for pastoral or arable / grazing activities of the said land contained in Valuation Number 2423020000 and having a Legal Description of Part Lot 1 DP 48069. Please note that this is a dryland block and there is no water connection or power supply to the land. The successful tenderer will be responsible for making their own arrangements for power and/or water to the land if it’s required. Tenders are to be submitted in writing prior to the Tender closing date. Tenders are to be GST exclusive. The successful tenderer is responsible for rates which are currently $251.00 per annum including GST (if any). The form of the Deed of Licence to be entered into by the successful tenderer is attached. Tenders close at 4pm on Thursday, 23 March 2023. To request the tender documents or if you have any queries please contact .

View plans of the property [PDF, 179 KB]

If you have any queries please direct them to

Residential and Pensioner Houses for Rent

Some of our portfolio of properties are being managed by Selwyn Property Management. Please have a look at their website to see what is available to rent.

Any residential and pensioner housing that is not managed by Selwyn Property Management will be advertised in the Council Call or Public Notices section of the local papers.

Properties for Sale

There are currently no properties for sale.

Properties available for sale may be advertised in the Council Call or Public Notices section of the local papers and through a marketing campaign by the appointed real estate agent.

Upper Selwyn Huts - Management and Licence Information


This hut is located at the Springston South Reserve. The reserve that the hut is located on is Department of Conservation owned land, managed by Selwyn District Council.

Hut owners at the Springston South Reserve (also known as the Upper Selwyn Huts) own their hut but not the land on which the hut is located.  The land is reserve.  The Selwyn District Council administers the reserve and allows hut owners by way of licence to occupy the reserve with a ‘hut’.  The Council levies a licence fee which covers the operating cost of the water, sewerage and reserve maintenance.

Key to the Huts being able to occupy the reserve, is the Council being able to provide a wastewater system which has a valid resource consent to allow for the treatment and discharge of the community’s wastewater.

Further general information in relation to buying a hut at Upper Selwyn Huts can be found at: Guide to Buying A Hut at USH [PDF, 91 KB]

The Council is working with the Upper Selwyn Huts community to develop a solution for the settlement’s future wastewater treatment requirements.


Other relevant general documents can be found as below:

USH Update on wastewater August 2021 with attachments - LTR USH update on Wastewater August 2021.pdf [PDF, 135 KB]

USH Community Rubbish Information April 2021 - USH Community Rubbish Information April 2021.pdf [PDF, 353 KB]

Should you have any further general queries please contact the Council’s Property Department on (03) 3472-800.