On this page you will find

  • Link to AlphaOne online application form
  • Paper application forms
  • Checklists
  • Forms - including: owner builder exemptions, minor variation, exempt building work, restricted building work, staged projects, BLC, construction statements and determinations

- see also our information on how to apply.

Online applications

You can apply online via the AlphaOne system. Applications include

  • PIM only
  • building consent (with or without PIM)
  • amendment to a building consent
  • code compliance certificate (CCC)
  • exemption from the need for building consent (Territorial Authority discretionary exemption under Schedule 1 – Part 1, exemption 2)
  • certificate of acceptance (COA)
  • MBIE multiproof building
  • AlphaOne multiproof building
Paper applications
Professional partnership programme
See our information on the Professional partnership programme 

Checklists - Please use the relevant checklist below to check you’ve supplied everything with your building consent application


Owner-builder exemptions

Minor variation

see also our information on variations

Exempt building work

see also our information on building consents

Restricted building work

Staged project

see also our information on building consents and Commercial buildings

Building location

see also our information on building location certificates

Construction statements


see also our information on determinations