Application forms

Online applications

Includes application for

  • PIM only
  • building consent (with or without PIM)
  • amendment to a building consent
  • code compliance certificate (CCC)
  • exemption from the need for building consent (Territorial Authority discretionary exemption under Schedule 1 – Part 1, exemption 2)
  • certificate of acceptance (COA)
  • MBIE multiproof building
  • AlphaOne multiproof building

Paper applications


Please use the relevant checklist below to check you’ve supplied everything with your building consent application


Owner-builder exemptions

  • Statutory declaration form as to owner-builder status (Form 2B) – submit with your building consent, once witnessed and signed by a Justice of the Peace or someone else authorised
  • Notice of an owner-builder (Form 2C) – for restricted building work being carried out on your home where
    • a statutory declaration has not been provided, or
    • there is a change in who is carrying out the owner builder work, or
    • you are no longer carrying out the restricted building work

See also our information on owner-builder exemptions.

Minor variation

Exempt building work

Restricted building work

Staged project

Building location

Construction statements


See also our information on determinations.