You can make an application in the following ways

Online applications

Via AlphaOne

✔ Fast, convenient, and easy to use
✔ Track your application(s)
✔ No printing of documents

Includes application for

  • PIM only
  • Building Consent (with or without PIM)
  • Amendment to a Building Consent
  • Code Compliance Certificate (CCC)
  • Exemption from the need for building consent (Territorial Authority discretionary exemption under Schedule 1 – Part 1, exemption 2)
  • Certificate of acceptance (COA)
  • Site specific elements for an MBIE multiproof building
  • Alpha multiproof building

You can also upload documents during consent and inspection phases via the online system.

Paper applications

Use paper applications where

✔ You don't have the technology to complete an online application
✔ There is no online application form available yet for the type of application

All forms need to be clear and legible, or they may be refused if detail can’t be read.

Once completed and all information relevant to your building project attached, you can provide your paper application to us by

  • email (in PDF format), or
  • dropping off at our headquarters at 2 Norman Kirk Drive, Rolleston.

Once we receive your paper application we will convert your application into digital form for processing.

On receiving your application we’ll vet your plans to check you have given all relevant information with your application. Please note that this is not a technical assessment but merely a check to ensure all necessary information has been provided.

If all information has been provided, your application is accepted and the 20 working day statutory clock starts.

Who can apply

Applying for approvals to carry out building work can be complex. Applications need to have information that show how your project meets the building code and Building Act requirements. For this reason most people will use an agent to apply on their behalf – this could be

  • an architect or architectural designer
  • the builder
  • a building or installation company
  • a project manager.

This doesn’t stop you from needing to meet your obligations as the owner (see information on roles and responsibilities).

If your work involves restricted building work then a licensed building practitioner will need to provide the relevant information (see information on restricted building work).

For more information on applying for a building consent see

And for information on applying for a project information memorandum see