Inspection timeframes

Our inspection workload is currently pushed out to 5 days. This is due to increased illness within the team and the loss of one contractor.

But we’re aiming to ensure we pull back this timeframe over the coming weeks.

You can help us by:

  • ensuring you have completed the work required for each inspection to illuminate the need for reinspection’s,
  • submitting required documentation early – you know the drill; you don’t have to wait for the inspector to request it, and
  • being organised – so if things change on site, let us know so we can cancel your inspection and rebook it for a suitable day.

And thank you for your ongoing patience.

Processing workload

At the end of August:

  • The average working days for building consents remains below 20 working days (note this is an average, with a number of applications still going over the 20 day statutory timeframe, our highest number of working days is sitting around mid 30's)
  • 54% of applications were processed within 20 working days, with our team processing more applications in August than we received
  • We are receiving applications for fast track consenting from more partners than before – for more details on fast tracking consents see our information on the professional partnership programme

What can I do to help things go more smoothly?

  • Plan ahead
    • Let us know early if you need help with your application
    • Get all the relevant approvals that you need before you apply for your building consent
    • Build plenty of buffer into your building schedule to allow for potential delays – for example building supply shortages or substitution of products that need a formal amendment to your consent will be added to the processing queue
    • Be ready for inspection from 7.30am on the day of inspection - inspections will still be charged if the site is not ready for the booked inspection
  • You can track progress of your application using our online electronic consenting system AlphaOne. If you don't have access:
    • ask your agent to provide you with access, or
    • create your own login and contact us on 0800 SELWYN (735 996) – you’ll need to provide us with your building consent number so that we can give you access
  • Load documents correctly into AlphaOne – look at our information on how to supply your supporting documents on our website
  • Use the professional partnership programme (PPP) partner if you’re an approved partner
  • Provide prompt RFI responses
    • list the changes
    • provide only the relevant pages, and
    • identify changes with a cloud
  • Pay for consents when they're issued or let us know if your project isn’t going ahead so that we’re not having to follow up with you
  • Load your required documents into AlphaOne at least one day before the relevant inspection.

Please be assured that we will get to your consent – frequently calling us to check on current status of your application takes us away from processing it.