Our building consent timeframes have continued to improve since the start of the year with good progress on the backlog of applications received.

At the end of May:

  • The average working days for building consents was below 20 working days (note this is an average, with a number of applications still going over the 20 day statutory timeframe)
  • We received the second largest number of new applications ever received in a month
  • 62% of applications were processed within 20 working days, with our team processing a massive 372 building consents (our highest ever in a month)
  • A record number of applications were received and processed through our fast track consenting – for more details on fast tracking consents see our information on the professional partnership programme

What does this mean for me?

  • This increase in applications means your application is more likely to go over the 20 day statutory timeframe
  • With the increased workload you may also see
    • delays with reviewing your required documents due to the high volumes of these being submitted, and
    • inspection bookings limits on some days.
  • We are taking a firmer approach with applications coming in; they need to
    • be complete with all information provided when submitted,
    • meet the criteria on our website for supplying your supporting documents and the order you supply them in, and
    • be for a subdivision with a minimum of a s223.

We’re sorry that this situation is affecting you. Thank you for your ongoing patience.

These challenges aren’t unique to us - there is still a shortage of qualified people available across the country to process consents or inspect building work.

What are we doing about it?

  • We’re training and upskilling our current team
  • Continue to use contractors as available
  • Recruiting new staff and contractors when able
  • Currently recruiting to train another group of people to help overcome the labour market shortage
  • Keep exploring other initiatives that will help us get through the workload.

What can I do to help things go more smoothly?

  • Plan ahead
    • Let us know early if you need help with your application
    • Get all the relevant approvals that you need before you apply for your building consent
    • Build plenty of buffer into your building schedule to allow for potential delays – for example building supply shortages or substitution of products that need a formal amendment to your consent will be added to the processing queue
    • Be ready for inspection from 7.30am on the day of inspection - inspections will still be charged if the site is not ready for the booked inspection
  • You can track progress of your application using our online electronic consenting system AlphaOne. If you don't have access:
    • ask your agent to provide you with access, or
    • create your own login and contact us on 0800 SELWYN (735 996) – you’ll need to provide us with your building consent number so that we can give you access
  • Load documents correctly into AlphaOne – look at our information on how to supply your supporting documents on our website
  • Use the professional partnership programme (PPP) partner if you’re an approved partner
  • Provide prompt RFI responses
    • list the changes
    • provide only the relevant pages, and
    • identify changes with a cloud
  • Pay for consents when they're issued or let us know if your project isn’t going ahead so that we’re not having to follow up with you
  • Load your required documents into AlphaOne at least one day before the relevant inspection.

Please be assured that we will get to your consent – frequently calling us to check on current status of your application takes us away from processing it.