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The Area Plans aim to provide high-level direction to guide the growth and sustainable management of area townships through to 2031

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Ellesmere & Malvern 2031
Area Plans

Ellesmere and Malvern Area Plans

The Ellesmere Area Plan and Malvern Area Plan were adopted by Selwyn District Council in September 2016. The purpose of the plans is to provide high-level planning direction to guide the growth and sustainable management of each township in the Ellesmere and Malvern areas through to the year 2031.

The plans identify initiatives to assist in the delivery of the Selwyn 2031: District Development Strategy (Selwyn 2031) vision, which is:

“To grow and consolidate Selwyn District as one of the most liveable, attractive and prosperous places in New Zealand for residents, businesses and visitors.”

The Area Plans do not rezone land, but indicate a range of issues and opportunities that will inform the ongoing strategic planning and management of growth for each township through to 2031. They will help to inform:

  • the District Plan Review (DPR) and other statutory planning processes under the Resource Management Act (RMA)
  • future Long-Term Plan (LTP) and Activity Management Plan (AMP) processes under the Local Government Act (LGA), and
  • other Council, community and privately initiated projects and capital investment decisions.

The Area Plans were prepared by following the Local Government Act consultative process. Preparation began in February 2015 and draft Area Plans were published for consultation in May 2016. Following community consultation and stakeholder engagement a public meeting to consider formal comments on the draft Area Plans took place in July 2016, and they were formally adopted by the Council on 14 September 2016.

View or download a copy of the Ellesmere Area Plan [PDF, 6587 KB]

View or download a copy of the Malvern Area Plan [PDF, 14189 KB]

A summary of the development and consultation of the Area Plans is available.