The Council approved the district-wide parking strategy on Friday 1 March 2019. This incorporated the Hearing Panel's recommendations.

Three cars and a small truck parked in 5min zone in Lincoln TownshipSelwyn District Parking Strategy [PDF, 2595 KB]
Hearing Panel Report [PDF, 3068 KB]

The need for this strategy is a signal of the impact of growth in our district. Since 2009 our population has grown by around 55%, from 38,000 to more than 60,000, making Selwyn the third largest territorial authority in the South Island as of 2019.

Alongside this, our economic activity and use of motor vehicles has also increased – vehicles travel 385 million kilometres on Selwyn roads every year.

With this level of growth, it’s important we think carefully about how we guide and manage car parking in the future. As a Council we want to make sure we retain our distinctive rural heritage but also allow our townships, residential zones and business areas to thrive and develop. Part of that involves providing residents and visitors with parking that supports safe, efficient access to services and destinations across Selwyn.