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Council adopted the Rural Residential Strategy 2014 on 25 June 2014.

Council adopted the Rural Residential Strategy 2014 on 25 June 2014.


We have been investigating methods to sustainably manage rural residential activities within the eastern part of the District, particularly within the commuter belt with Christchurch City.  These investigations have been undertaken partly to respond to demand for rural residential sections, but also to ensure that if this form of development occurs, then it does not undermine the sustainable management of township growth or the maintenance of the important rural land resource.

Rural Residential Strategy 2014

The adopted Rural Residential Strategy sets out the preliminary locations and requirements for managing rural residential activities within the portion of the district that is subject to Chapter 6 of the Canterbury Regional Policy Statement.

The Strategy is being implemented through the Land Use Recovery Plan Action 18 (viii) that contains changes to the District Plan and private plan change requests.

The Land Use Recovery Plan details

Adopted Rural Residential Strategy 2014 (RRS14) [PDF, 3792 KB]

RRS14 Appendix 1 Location Criteria [PDF, 147 KB]

RRS14 Appendix 2 A Study Area Maps [PDF, 7430 KB]

RRS14 Appendix 2 B Study Area Maps [PDF, 10370 KB]

RRS14 Appendix 2 C Study Area Maps [PDF, 8199 KB]

RRS14 Appendix 2 D Study Area Maps [PDF, 5139 KB]

RRS14 App 3 Chapter 6 [PDF, 170 KB]

Hard copies of the adopted Strategy and other relevant information are also available for viewing at Council's Rolleston Headquarters.


Commissioner's Recommendation [PDF, 2149 KB]

List of Hearing Evidence

Officers Introductory Statement [PDF, 44 KB]

Officer's Report [PDF, 3734 KB]

Officers Addendum  [PDF, 120 KB] - List of Submissions


If you have any questions about the Rural Residential Strategy or the Land Use Recovery Plan, please contact the Duty Planner on phone 0800 SELWYN (735 996) or email