Evidence that has been presented at the Rural Residential Strategy Hearing is listed here:

Officer Introductory Statement PDF [43.7 KB]
Dryden Trust Legal Opinion PDF [179.6 KB]
SDC Legal Opinion PDF [166.9 KB]
Trents Road Legal Opinion PDF [295.0 KB]
D & S Anderson PDF [1.4 MB]
Denwood Trustees PDF [885.9 KB]
ECan PDF [234.8 KB]
Harrington PDF [4.1 MB]
Te Taumutu PDF [710.4 KB]
Dryden Trust PDF [479.1 KB]
Trents Road Developments PDF [454.0 KB]
Trents Road Urban Design PDF [7.1 MB]
Dryden Trust Urban Design PDF [9.6 MB]
Tai Tapu Trust Urban Design PDF [6.6 MB]
Burgess PDF [758.4 KB]
E&G Smith and others PDF [3.9 MB]
Crabbe Legal PDF [7.8 MB]
Crabbe PDF [4.5 MB]
Crabbe Transport PDF [1.5 MB]
Dixon PDF [788.8 KB]
Anderson PDF [2.4 MB]
Coles PDF [3.4 MB]
Austin - Planning PDF [1.3 MB]
Austin - Urban PDF [1.7 MB]
ECan PDF [234.8 KB]
Conifer Grove PDF [1.6 MB]
Pandora Trust PDF [3.6 MB]
Baker & Others PDF [711.0 KB]
Dryden Supplementary Legal PDF [3.0 MB]
Dryden - Geddes PDF [1004.9 KB]
Dryden Trust - Servicing PDF [1.8 MB]
Pinedale Kintyre Planning PDF [4.6 MB]
Pinedale & Kintyre Urban Design PDF [11.6 MB]
Crofts & Williams Urban Design PDF [6.6 MB]
Crofts & Williams Servicing PDF [1.7 MB]
George & Jeffs Legal PDF [1.8 MB]
George & Jeffs Urban Design Supplement PDF [6.5 MB]
George & Jeffs Urban Design PDF [7.0 MB]
Maginness PDF [12.4 MB]
SDC Closing Comments PDF [7.9 MB]
Court I PDF [201.2 KB]
Court A PDF [1.5 MB]

We will continue to update the evidence as it becomes available.

If you have any questions, please contact Craig Friedel Ph 347-2827 or email planninginfo@selwyn.govt.nz