Draft Rural Residential Strategy

Council has prepared a Draft Rural Residential Strategy, which contains an initial policy position and preliminary locations for rural residential development that is required by the Land Use Recovery Plan.

The adopted Rural Residential Strategy will replace the Rural Residential Background Report.

Consultation on the Draft Rural residential Strategy closed 3rd March 2014

Hard copies of the draft Strategy and other relevant information are available for viewing electronically below and in hard copy form at all Council Service Centres and Libraries.

Council Report Adopt RRS [PDF, 2130 KB] - Supplementary
Draft Rural Residential Strategy [PDF, 9005 KB] - available on CD
Statement of proposal [PDF, 36 KB]

Rural Residential Background Report

Council adopted the Rural Residential Background Report in February 2011 to guide the consideration of changes to the District Plan.  It has formed the basis of the above draft Strategy.

The report is very large and has been broken down into component files for easy access to specific areas. If you have any difficulty downloading these files, a CD of all files is available on request by emailing us (link below) with your name and address.

01 - Background Report [PDF 3.0 MB]
02 - BR Appendix 1-3 [PDF 2.6 MB]
03 - BR Appendix 4 [PDF 5.6 MB]
04 - BR Appendix 5 [PDF 329.5 KB]
05 - BR Appendix 6 pt1 [PDF 8.6 MB]
06 - BR Appendix 6 pt2 [PDF 8.3 MB]
07 - BR Appendix 7-12 [PDF 4.4 MB]
08 - BR Appendix 13 [PDF 5.5 MB]
09 - BR Appendix 14-15 [PDF 2.0 MB]


If you have any questions about PC 32, the Rural Residential Background Report, the Rural Residential Strategy or the Land Use Recovery Plan then please contact:

Craig Friedel, Strategy and Policy Planner
Phone: 03 347 2826
Email: pc32@selwyn.govt.nz