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Call for further submissions open now

On 19 April 2021 we have notified the summary of submissions on the Proposed District Plan. The further submission period closes at 5pm on Monday 3 May 2021. Check out our engagement website Your Say Selwyn to find out more about who can make a further submission and how.

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We publicly notified the Proposed Selwyn District Plan on 5 October 2020.

View Proposed District Plan here

(Important note: Proposed ePlan doesn’t work in Internet Explorer browser. It works best in Google Chrome but also in Edge, Safari or Firefox browser. Don't have Chrome? Download Chrome. Once you’ve installed it, make sure you copy and paste into the Chrome browser window as clicking the link from the email will still take you to Internet Explorer if it’s been set up as your default internet browser. You can find information on how to change your default browser at Chrome support.) Also check out Council's How to navigate the Proposed Selwyn ePlan guide.

What’s next?

When we have received all further submissions, our planning team will begin considering all the submissions received in detail. They will then produce a series of officer reports with recommendations regarding the submission points made.


Later in the process, we will hold the Proposed District Plan Hearings. At these hearings accredited hearing commissioners will consider all submissions and Officer Report recommendations.

Again, this process will take several months. We will let submitters know when we reach this stage and how they can speak to their submission at a hearing.

In the meantime, we are always available to answer any questions you may have. You can call us on 0800 SELWYN (735 996) or email

Background on the District Plan Review

The Operative Selwyn District Plan was notified in two volumes (Rural Volume in 2000 and Township Volume in 2001), with the majority of provisions being made operative in 2008 and the entire plan becoming fully operative in 2016. A number of variations and plan changes have occurred over this time and in May 2015 a full review of the Operative Plan started. The Resource Management Act requires that all operative provisions of a district plan are reviewed every 10 years.

Since May 2015 when the full review started, the Council had been looking at the current rules and policies across a range of topics, talking to our partners and stakeholders as well as affected landowners about these rules and whether they work as they are or need to be changed, and whether they are up to date with changes in legislation, national and regional policy statements and other regulations.

Following a detailed assessment (which was put together in a ‘baseline assessment’ report for each topic), a summary of issues and options, also called a ‘preferred option’ report, was developed, which identified the Council’s recommended draft changes for a specific topic.

In 2018 we ran an initial public consultation on a number of proposed key draft changes (coming out of the preferred option reports) across different topics to check in with our community about what they thought of these draft changes. “Are we on the right track?” was the theme of the consultation. Following the consultation the Council reviewed the feedback and then outlined in post engagement reports for each topic what changes, if any, were made as a result of the feedback.

Subsequent District Plan Committee workshops provided direction on detailed provisions that have since been integrated across chapters of the Proposed District Plan and formatted into a responsive electronic planning tool. The Proposed ePlan also aligns with the recently introduced National Planning Standards, which standardise the district plan framework and a number of definitions.

Public consultation on the notified Proposed District Plan ran between 5 October and 11 December 2020. We received 470 submissions, covering around 7,700 individual submission points.