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  • Baseline Reports
  • Endorsed Preferred Option Reports
  • Post Engagement Reports
  • Section 32 Reports

    When doing a review of a district plan, section 32 of the Resource Management Act 1991 directs councils to develop evaluation reports, in short called s32 reports. These reports document the work that has been done for a particular topic and why the

  • Designations Proposed District Plan

    What is a designation? A designation is a planning tool which can be used only by Ministers of the Crown, local authorities and network utility operators, identified under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) as requiring authorities.

  • Documents incorporated by reference

    Documents incorporated by reference are publications which have been referred to in the Proposed Selwyn District Plan, and form standards, rules, recommended practices or are otherwise technical documents too large to accommodate in the Proposed Plan

Here you can find supporting documents and technical reports which have been developed as part of the review of the Operative District Plan for the notified Proposed District Plan.

For more information on the Proposed District Plan visit our engagement hub Your Say Selwyn.