Information on applications deemed to be of community interest

Rolleston Industrial Holdings Limited (RC225481)

The Council received a resource consent application from Rolleston Industrial Holdings Limited (reference RC225481) on 08 July 2022 to establish a large format retail development with other commercial activities, buildings, carparking and landscaping.

The Council is currently reviewing the application for completeness and any further information requirements.

The application can be downloaded at the link below:

Summerset Retirement Village Prebbleton

RC205580 – To construct and operate a comprehensive care retirement village (Summerset Retirement Village Prebbleton).

Selwyn District Council Resource Consent - 24 Millpond Lane, Lincoln

RC205341 - To undertake a subdivision to create eight lots; and
RC205342 - To undertake works associated with the subdivision and transport provisions.

Resource Consent Application [PDF, 10934 KB]

Proposed Lincoln Supermarket – Birchs Road

The Selwyn District Council received a resource consent application from Lincoln Developments Ltd on 7 August 2019 seeking to construct and operate a supermarket and café at 581 Birchs Road. The site is legally defined as Lot 4000 DP 529896 and is zoned Living Z in the Selwyn District Plan.

The key features of the proposed development are as follows:

  • Construction and operation of a 3063m2 supermarket, with operating hours between 7am and 10pm seven days a week;
  • Construction and operation of a 80m2 café, with additional outdoor seating for 20 people and operating hours of between 9am and 10pm daily;
  • Car parking area providing parking spaces for 176 cars;
  • Vehicle access from Birchs Road and proposed Makybe Terrace;
  • Heavy vehicle access entering from Birchs Road, along the northern boundary of the site and exiting onto proposed Makybe Terrace;
  • A range of signage, including illuminated Countdown wall signage on the southern and western elevations of the building and pylon signage with a total area of 246.68m2;
  • A landscape plan that includes 4 medium sized tree species in the car parking area, and landscape strips within the car park and along the boundary, and a green wall on the southern elevation of the building; and
  • An acoustic fence along the northern and eastern boundaries of the site.

The Council has requested further information from the applicant, which was received on the 30 January 2020.

Please note that the original application included a childcare centre and 23 lot subdivision. The childcare centre application has been withdrawn and replaced with a new application for a childcare centre in a new location within the wider Flemington subdivision. This consent application is being processed separately. Further, the 23 lot subdivision has recently been amended by the applicant and is currently being processed separately.

The Council has made a decision that the application will be publicly notified as of Wednesday 11 March 2020.

Attached Documents (PDF Files up to 15MB)

There is a  Local Government Official Information and Meeting Act Request response on this matter.

Waste Management Ltd, Prebbleton - Friend of Submitter (offered by Selwyn District Council)

The Selwyn District Council will be offering a ‘Friend of Submitter’ for the Air Discharge Resource Consent application lodged with Environment Canterbury by Waste Management Limited for the proposed facility at 305 Marshs Rd. Further information: application lodged with Environment Canterbury.

  • The Friend of Submitter will be providing assistance in relation to the Air Discharge application, and will be generally familiar with the separate land use consent decision by Christchurch City Council, for information purposes.
  • The Friend of Submitter will assist potential submitters and members of the public with an interest in the proposal in navigating the ECan submission process, and advise on the future hearings process, which may be unfamiliar to many.
  • Their role is also to help submitters and members of the public navigate the application documents, provide good practice tips on completing the submission form, and (where possible) facilitate like-minded submitters and members of the public to group together.
  • The Friend of the Submitter will not write the submissions nor advise on the merits or advocate any view on the proposal.
  • This is premised on the Friend of Submitter not being associated with the Waste Management proposal in any way that constitutes a real and/or perceived conflict of interest, that they will be impartial and will not advocate for any particular outcome.
  • The Friend of Submitter will not provide any opinion on the content the submitter or member of the public wishes to put in their submission either voluntarily or if asked to do so, will not fill in a submission form on behalf of a submitter or member of the public, and will not provide partisan advice on the content of a submission. This is to keep this support role as transparent as possible.

The Friend of Submitter will be available to discuss issues with submitters and members of the public on an individual basis during the submission and hearing process, either by phone or email.

To arrange a time to meet with the Friend of Submitter about the proposal, members of the public are requested to contact Selwyn District Council Resource Consent Administrator, Sofia Mailau, ph. (03) 347 2889 to make an appointment for either a face to face meeting or a phone call.

Face to face meetings will be held at Selwyn District Council Headquarters at Rolleston.

Meeting times will be available from 5 February 2020 during business hours and evenings.

Fulton Hogan Quarry

All information pertaining to the resource consent applications for the proposed Fulton Hogan quarry at Templeton - 'Roydon Quarry' is contained on the Environment Canterbury website and all updates and any additional information will be provided there. This is to ensure that all information is up to date and from one source. The above link to the Environment Canterbury website provides various updates on where the application is in terms of the process, timeframes etc and other information pertaining to resource consents.

The consent documents are now available online via the ECAN consents page – a link is provided at the above web address. The website also includes an email address for any questions regarding the applications which Council staff can address.

For the Selwyn District Council resource consent the reference is RC185627. All information for this consent will be available on the Environment Canterbury website as a single source of all information for all resource consents.

Below is a list of all of the resource consents lodged with Environment Canterbury.

Resource Consent Number: CRC192408CRC192409 CRC192410 CRC192411 CRC192412 CRC192413 CRC192414

Applicant Name: Fulton Hogan Limited

Consent type: Land Use Consent (s9)

CRC192408 to use land to excavate material at 107 Dawsons Road & 220 Jones Road, Templeton.


Consent type: Land Use Consent (s9)

CRC192409 to use land for the deposition of backfill over an unconfined or semi-confined aquifer at 107 Dawsons Road & 220 Jones Road, Templeton.

Consent type: Discharge Permit (s15)

CRC192410 to discharge of contaminants into air at 107 Dawsons Road & 220 Jones Road, Templeton.

Consent type: Discharge Permit (s15)

CRC192411 the discharge of contaminants which may enter water at 107 Dawsons Road & 220 Jones Road, Templeton

Consent type: Discharge Permit (s15)

CRC192412 the discharge of stormwater into land where contaminants may enter groundwater at 107 Dawsons Road & 220 Jones Road, Templeton.

Consent type: Discharge Permit (s15)

CRC192413 the discharge to land associated with the deposition of cleanfill material for site rehabilitation at 107 Dawsons Road & 220 Jones Road, Templeton.

Consent type: Water Permit (s14)

CRC192414 to take water for aggregate washing & dust suppression at 107 Dawsons Road & 220 Jones Road, Templeton.

Processing The applications are being processed by independent consultants Hannah Goslin, Incite for the Environment Canterbury resource consent applications and Andrew Henderson, BECA for the Selwyn District Council resource consent application.

Commissioner(s): Rob Van Voorthuysen, Sharon McGarry, Paul Thomas

The decision of Environment Canterbury and Selwyn District Council in regard to the application by Fulton Hogan Limited to establish an aggregate quarry (known as ‘Roydon Quarry’) within the Selwyn District bounded by Curraghs Road, Dawsons Road, Maddisons Road and Jones Road,  has been received.

The decision of the Hearing Commissioners is to grant, with conditions, the resource consent applications.

Hearing Commissioners Joint Hearing Decision report with appendices

If you have any questions about any of the above applications please contact the Duty Planner on Phone 0800 SELWYN or email