Explains how a discount is applied if your consent is not processed within required timeframes

Regulations require local authorities to provide a discount on administrative charges when a consent is not processed within the timeframes of the Resource Management Act. The discount applied is one percent per working day, up to a maximum of 50 percent.

The Regulations apply automatically to all consent applications and applications to change or cancel conditions which are not processed within timeframes set in the Act. The discount applies to both notified (including limited notified) and non-notified consent applications.

An applicant does not have to apply to the local authority to receive a discount. The responsibility for processing consent applications within the Act’s timeframes rests with local authorities.

The Ministry for the Environment has produced guidance material to help local authorities and the general public understand the regulations.

If you have any questions about your resource consent please phone the duty planner on 0800 SELWYN or email contactus@selwyn.govt.nz