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How to find out if your proposed activity or development requires resource consent

A resource consent is required for land use activities that are not listed in the District Plan as permitted activities, or activities that are listed as permitted activities but do not comply with the permitted activity conditions.

To find out if your proposed activity or development requires resource consent:

  1. check the District Plan Maps to find the zoning of the site, and then
  2. check the District Plan rules (including any proposed Plan Changes) to see whether the activity is listed as a permitted activity and whether the activity complies with the conditions for a permitted activity
  3. if it does not, a resource consent will be required

District Plan Maps and Rules

If you are unsure, check with the Duty Planner, before you proceed with your activity or development.

Duty Planner Ph 0800 SELWYN or

You will also need to understand the impacts and restrictions if the subject land is classified as highly productive land.

Common Examples of Land Use Consents

  • Buildings which don't comply with height or boundary setbacks;
  • Working on or near a protected tree;
  • Undertaking an activity on a site which doesn't comply with the zone rules

Relocated Buildings

All relocated dwellings transported in whole or in parts from one site to another require resource consent. The relocated building rules in the District Plan do not apply to dwellings that have been wholly deconstructed, packaged and then reconstructed on a different site. The following brochure provides more information regarding this process and what information is required.

Relocated Buildings

Family Flats

A family flat is a small self contained unit of no more than 70m2 either attached to or separate from the main dwelling on a site. The District Plan has rules governing family flats. If your family flat doesn't comply with these rules, then you will need a resource consent.

Family Flats

Advertising Signs

Advertising signs need to be located on the site of the activity or business being advertised and comply with the size requirements contained in the District Plan. If they are not on the same site, and/or exceed the size requirements they require a land use consent.

Contact the Duty Planner to find out more about the rules that need to be complied with for advertising signs, including temporary event signs.

More on Advertising Signs