Deemed Permitted Activity Notice Information

Lapsing of Notice

Deemed permitted activity notices lapse 5 years after the date it is given unless the activity permitted by the notice is undertaken.

Notice of Deemed Permitted Activity Only

A deemed permitted activity notice is not a resource consent or a consent under any other Act, Regulation or Bylaw. Separate applications will need to be made for any other required approval, such as a building consent, water race by-law approval or Regional Council consent (if not already applied for).

A certificate of compliance (under Section 139 of the Act) cannot be applied for in respect of activities where a notice of deemed permitted activity has been issued.

Notices are valid only for the activity described in the notice and shown on signed plans referenced. If the activity changes, a resource consent may be required.

Rights of Objection and Appeal

There are no rights of objection or appeal in relation to deemed permitted activities.

Copies of the Resource Management Act 1991 are available online at  If you are in any doubt it is strongly recommended that you seek planning and/or legal advice.

Refund Policy

As deemed permitted activity notices are not a resource consent, the discount policy set out in Section 36AA of the Act does not apply.

Contact Us

We encourage you to contact us for information about Resource Consents and Deemed Permitted Activities, either by calling in at the Environmental Services Counter at the Headquarters in Rolleston and speaking to the Duty Planner - no appointment necessary, or phoning the Duty Planner on 0800 SELWYN or email