If your event is on public land, then you will need an event permit. If your event is on private land your event may still trigger consent requirements so please get in touch with Council to discuss further: events@selwyn.govt.nz

We have recently changed our processes, you will need an account to apply for an event permit. You can then complete an event application form for the permit.

We recommend that you have a copy of the following documentation at hand before making the event application: Site Plan, Traffic Management Plan, Public Liability Insurance, Resource Consent Approval, Fireworks Certificate, Health and Safety Plan and any other supporting documentation. * bold items are required for all applications.

Most events permit take two weeks to process. They may take up to six weeks for more complex events.

This application is not supported for Internet Explorer please user another browser such as: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome.

1. Set up an Event Application Account

2. Apply for an Event Permit

Contact events@selwyn.govt.nz for more information.