You will need to apply to the Selwyn District Council for an Event Permit if you are planning to hold an event in a public place and in some instances, private property. This ensures your event has first priority when using the area and that your activity is conducted in accordance with all current bylaws. It also ensures that any disruption to the community or environment is minimal and that the safety of all attendees is appropriately managed. You can apply for an Event Permit using the application form below.

Do you need an Event Permit?

If you event is on private property and may impact on the local community or the environment, please contact the Events Team for clarification on whether an Event Permit is required.

If your event is in a public place, such as a reserve or park, you will need an Event Permit if you answer yes to any of the below questions:

  • Is open to the public and/or has over 150 people in attendance?
  • Needs sole use of a public place?
  • Needs power and vehicle access?
  • Will involve food vendors, alcohol, excessive noise (i.e. amplified sound), pyrotechnics or fireworks?
  • Will have large structures or amusement devices, such as stages or marquees?
  • Restricts vehicle OR pedestrian traffic on a legal road (e.g. street, roads, cycleway, paths and squares)?
  • Impacts on the local community or the environment - if so, contact the Events Team for clarification on what may be required.
Documentation Requirements

We recommend that you have a copy of the following documentation at hand before making the application: Site Plan, Traffic Management Plan, Public Liability Insurance, Resource Consent Approval, Fireworks Certificate, Health and Safety Plan and any other supporting documentation. *bold items are required for all applications.


You should apply for an Event Permit at least four weeks prior to your event taking place. If you have not supplied all required documentation, your application may take longer to process.

Browser Requirements

This application is not supported for Internet Explorer or mobile devices. Please use another browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox.

1. Set up an Event Application Account

2. Apply for an Event Permit

Contact for more information.