Information and guides to help event organisers minimise waste at their events.

The Selwyn Event Sustainability Initiative (SESI)

To demonstrate our commitment to change we have developed the Selwyn Event Sustainability Initiative (SESI).  SESI is a waste sorting initiative that supports events to minimise waste output and maximise landfill diversion. This is achieved through the introduction of a compostable food packaging system, effective bin set-up, and on-site waste sorting system. You will see SESI being implemented at many Selwyn District Council events in the future, but we also want to support other Selwyn events wanting to participate by offering free event waste advisory services. If you would like to find out how you can access these services and participate in SESI please contact us at for more information.

Event Waste Guide

In Selwyn we love celebrating our unique region through fun, vibrant and diverse events. We recognise the value these events provide to our community, but are also aware of the negative impacts that waste generated at events can have on our natural environment. In line with circular economy thinking, we're taking action to minimise these impacts through sustainable event management practices.

Our easy to follow guide [PDF, 5525 KB] walks event organisers through the key components of successfully minimising waste at their events.

We also have one page guides available for exhibitors [PDF, 41 KB] and food vendors [PDF, 41 KB]. These outline how they contribute to the success of the event in terms of minimising waste and impact on the environment.

We welcome any feedback to improve these resources.