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  • Asbestos Disposal

    How to recognise and manage hazards associated with asbestos containing materials and contact details for asbestos removing contractors.

  • Medication

    Where to take old, expired or unused medication and medical sharps for safe disposal

  • Battery Recycling

    Where to take your batteries for recycling.

How to safely dispose of various hazardous items

Hazardous waste and household chemicals can be dangerous to human health, property and the environment if it is not properly managed and disposed of. These items should not be disposed of in your rubbish bin or bag.

Household quantities of the hazardous items can be disposed of at the Pines Resource Recovery Park free of charge. Please take these items to the kiosk for assistance, preferably in the original container. If you are not sure what is in an unlabeled container please make this known to staff.

Green tick imageWe accept

  • Car oil and automotive liquids
  • Paints, wood stain and solvents
  • Car batteries
  • Home and garden pesticides, insecticides and herbicides
  • LPG cylinders
  • Household cleaning products
  • Liquid chemicals
  • Household batteries and lithium-ion batteries
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Cooking oil
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Empty, clean, triple rinsed AgChem containers (only containers that are AgRecovery brand participants)

We cannot accept

  • Hazardous waste from ant business or commercial site (for large commercial quantities of agricultural chemicals or farm hazardous waste please contact a specialist company such as AgRecovery, Waste Management Technical Services or Chemwaste)
  • Large 44 gallon drums of chemicals (please contact a specialist company such as Waste Management Technical Services or Chemwaste)
  • Medicine, medical sharps or pharmaceuticals (please contact your local community pharmacy for guidance on how to dispose of these items)
  • Asbestos or asbestos-contaminated waste (EcoDrop in Metro Place, Bromley is the only transfer station in the area that can accept asbestos - contact them on 03 941 8999 for more information)
  • Ammunition, fireworks, explosives and flares (please contact the Police Arms Office for guidance on how to dispose of these items safely)