Links to the Waste Management Policy, Bylaw, Waste Management and Minimisation Plan, and Activity Management Plan

The management of solid waste is deemed a 'significant activity' under the terms of the Local Government Act 2012. The Council has a statutory obligation to promote effective and efficient waste management and to achieve this take a leadership role in managing waste activities.

It is important to manage solid waste well, given the health implications which could arise if the service was unsatisfactory and waste was not promptly collected, handled and disposed of. The activity must be managed in a sustainable manner for today's communities and for future generations.

We therefore take responsibility for fulfilling legal and statutory obligations, waste minimisation, policy, strategic direction, educational programmes, providing clean fill sites and the Pines Resource Recovery Park (a waste transfer facility, organic composting operation, as well as hazardous waste and recycling drop-off location).

With the growth that the Selwyn District is experiencing, we have to be forward-thinking in our waste management policies and practices.