Arts, Culture and Heritage

Pinoy CARES Canterbury

A non-profit organization committed in upholding and promoting Filipino culture and values through Culture, Arts, Recreation, Education/Events and Services/Sports

Main activities and services

The Pinoy C.A.R.E.S Canterbury's purposes include: (a) To uphold and look after the best interest and welfare of its members and to encourage the community to develop and use their talent and skills through different programs and activities that will foster unity and cooperation. (b) To create and plan activities & projects promoting Filipino culture and values; (c) To encourage members and volunteers to be pro-active members of the society and help respond and give assistance towards unforeseen events such as calamities, disasters and hardships; (d) To foster close coordination with related local agencies and other communities and groups in the development of empowered and socially responsible community; (e) To support and assist new migrants to assimilate in the new environment while keeping our own tradition and heritage (f) To uplift and uphold the Filipino heritage.

Additional Information

All our members adhere to the following values: (a) Committed to the promotion of the Filipino heritage (b) Assistance and awareness of the values and traditions of the Filipino culture (c) Responsive to the needs of the community and the society (d) Empowered to provide unified community services (e) Socially responsible individuals to the community.