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Selwyn Parenting Network Inc.'s often described as the hardest, yet most rewarding, experience a person can have! An opportunity to nurture from infancy - promoting and supporting all the physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs of our children, and empowering them into adulthood... and yes: it sure can be a busy rollercoaster of incredible moments, euphoric highs, and of course more challenging and tougher times too.

Selwyn Parenting Network (SPN) was born from a desire and belief that all families should have access to active support, resources and understanding. We know that parenting can be tough, but we also know that with the 'right help at the right time' the lives of parents, carers and children can be transformed.

The purpose of our work is to strengthen Selwyn communities by providing support to local parents and caregivers of children of any age. We are fast becoming a local 'parent advice bureau' within Selwyn: a network that can facilitate your needs as a parent/caregiver and put you in touch with the many specific service providers and wider community organisations that can support and empower you to fulfil your role with the skills, resources and contacts that you need.

Selwyn Parenting Network Inc was born from a need that many of our own committee members encountered when new to the region - and new to parenting! Many of them did not know where to turn to for local advice for themselves and their families, and this first-hand experience paved the way to what has now become a recognised, hugely supported resource.

The Selwyn District continues to be one of the fastest growing areas in NZ attracting a large number of new families. Our community is also relatively fragmented with lots of small towns across a vast geographical area, and so we have collaborated and consulted numerous strategic partners to allow us to determine the extent of what is available and forge forward with breaking down the best line of response as a collective group. SPN has evolved over the past 5+ years and is constantly witnessing the difference that we are making to families within Selwyn. We are very fortunate that this view is shared amongst many of our stakeholders who embrace our vision to strengthen families and communities by supporting parents and caregivers.

Main activities and services

Collaboration with community organisations and service providers - Signposting parents, caregivers and families to resources and groups within the Selwyn Community. Our key priority areas include: 1) Providing a Support Network: Identifying service gaps within the community for parents/caregivers/families and developing strategies to address needs and then linking families with the right resources and supports 2) Family Events: Creating opportunities for families and communities to participate in fun events aimed at tamariki of all ages 3) Parenting Education: Creating opportunities for families and communities to access quality parenting education 4) Information Provision: Follow us on our social media platforms and through our website for links to many different sources of empowering information.