Required documentation for marquee exemption application

  • record of title less than six months old
  • site plan – this needs to be specific to the site and show
    • access provision for emergency services
    • the location of the marquee(s) if application is for more than one, on the same site
    • emergency assembly area(s)
    • location of fire extinguishers
    • location of existing buildings - dimensions to relevant boundaries
    • location of toilets including accessible toilets
    • location, type and storage capacity of any hazardous substances on the site
  • compliance calculations with each application – see example for guidance [PDF, 112 KB]
  • dimensioned floor plan and elevations of marquee(s) showing
    • available exits
    • size of the marquee
    • location of tie down points, etc
  • details of egress and fire safety provisions, etc
  • details of restraints/tie downs (these can vary for wind zones/speeds)
  • documentation confirming marquee surface finishes meet New Zealand Building Code Group Number requirements (eg NZAS 1530.2 Flammability test example [PDF, 78 KB])
  • an indication of time the marquee(s) is expected to be up for
  • who will be erecting/dismantling the marquee(s)
  • an evacuation scheme [PDF, 697 KB] approved by Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) before the marquee is occupied for marquees with 100 people or more, and/or providing employment facilities for 10 or more people.

Check at time of booking your marquee that the person/company hiring it have the above information available to supply to you for your application.

The event organiser is also responsible for obtaining appropriate approvals for any service connections (ie water or sewer) before the event – for further information contact